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Family & Teen Issues

Is your family overwhelmed by an endless list of challenges and huge upheavals?

 Family and Teen Therapy offers hope for real change.

There is no such thing as the perfect family. And no one person is responsible for the family’s problems. Every family is unique with its own combination of strengths and weaknesses.

Individual issues along with communication styles can interfere with the cohesiveness of the family system. Family dynamics, when not harmonious, can greatly interfere with the functioning of every member of the household and even with extended family. Things can unravel quickly, and lead to lasting difficulties.

Talk therapy for family & teen issues

Talk therapy can help

Seeking help can help bring your family back into alignment and bring harmony into your lives. Listening to each other, understanding, and working to resolve conflicts are important to strengthening the family unit.

  • James will help you to identify those individual issues that are interfering.

  • James will help you to listen to each other in a productive way.

  • James will help you to find a rewarding path forward.

  • By initiating a spirit of cooperation this challenge will create an opportunity to strengthen your family ties and improve your daily interactions.


Even for families who are generally close and supportive, things aren’t always perfect, and may sometimes be very difficult, challenging, frustrating, and painful. Family can bring up the most intense emotions from little irritations to buried resentments, from dramatic arguments to feelings of guilt, from disappointment and anger we didn’t even know we had.

It can be hard to ask for help.  James Blundo's 40 years of vast experience and training will provide you with valuable insight and perspective while assessing the dynamics of your family.  Contact him at (248) 930-0644 if you want to talk or click here to schedule your appointment.  Talk therapy can help.

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