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About James Blundo 


James Blundo

The main problem most people suffer from is not believing in themselves.  Events in their life, their teachers, and even their family have made them feel inadequate, unloved and/or just “not good enough”.

As the only son of a critical, working class father and a quiet, philonthropic mother, Jim  suffered the feelings of ‘not being good enough’ and ‘not believing in himself” as a child. He learned to be tough from his father.  He learned that he loved helping others working charity events with his mother.

So early on he decided he would take a different path….his own.  He would put himself through school, and create a life dedicated to helping others.  He would help them overcome their feelings of inadequacy and “not being good enough”.  He would teach them to believe in themselves again.

So he worked hard and put himself through college and graduate school, studying psychology and social work, at Western and Eastern Michigan University and U of M.  And for over 40 years, he has put this knowledge to work helping teens, families, executives and adult children of alcoholics to overcome their adversities, restore their belief in themselves, release old patterns and create the lives and relationships they desire.

This is his mission and his passion.  Helping people overcome. “I teach people to believe in themselves again”.

A Unique Approach

“I don’t foster dependency”, says Jim.  “I show people, in a non-judgemental way, how you coped, what you did to survive… and how it affects your life today, so you can relearn responses so certain behaviors don’t affect you the same way.”

The focus of Jim’s work is to help you understand and value your uniqueness and to see how the events of your life have impacted you, so you can make the necessary changes to have the life and relationships you desire.

He is direct and honest, which doesn’t work for everyone.  But if you really want a caring and compassionate counselor, Jim is the man for you!  Contact him today.


James Blundo is the current President of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association (MMHCA). His past employment includes teacher, school counselor, outpatient psychiatric therapist, substance abuse clinical director and therapist.

For the past 35 years, Jim has owned a private practice counseling clinic. He devotes his time to his practice, to the community, and as an advocate for Michigan’s counseling profession.

He is an Ambassador for the Rochester Chamber of Commerce.

Professional Advocacy

Passage of the LLPC/ LPC legislation, involvement with the US Congress for the Mental Health Parity Act, Medicare legislation, and Tri-care inclusion of counselors. He served as President of the American Mental Health Counselors Association, and on the Executive Board of the American Counselors Association Governing Council.


  • BA / Speech Communications / Western Michigan University

  • MA / Counseling / Eastern Michigan University

  • Post-Graduate / School of Social Work / University of Michigan


  • NCC, National Certified Counselor

  • CCMHC, Certified Clinical Mental Health Counselor with Supervision Certification

Community Involvement & Accomplishments

  • President of the Michigan Mental Health Counselors Association (MMHCA)

  • President of Rochester Michigan Area Youth Assistance

  • Ambassador of the Rochester Regional Chamber of Commerce

  • Group Speaker / Counselor – Five Star Singles Connection

  • Past President, AMHCA-American Mental Health Counseling Association

  • Served on the Governing Counsel for ACA-American Counseling Association

  • American Mental Health Counselor of the Year Award Recipient

  • Consultant to Nonprofits in Organizational Development, Marketing, Membership Recruitment and Retention

  • Social Policy Consultant and State Legislature Candidate

  • Gained Consumer Protection Act Licensure in Michigan (L.P.C.)

  • Lobbied for Mental Health Care Parity Act on Capitol Hill

  • State and Nationally Recognized Counseling Expert

  • Pioneered 2005 Federal Grant Pilot Project for Welfare to Work Mothers

  • Co-Developer and Co-author of Reattachment Therapy

Contact James Blundo at (248) 930-0644 to schedule a counseling appointment or to book a seminar, workshop or group speaking engagement.

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